3. Consortium meeting – Evaluation of the Feasability study

Third Consortium meeting in Odense, the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen.

The SDU team were very pleased to see all the partners Tuesday morning, despite a lot of troubles during their travels (i.e. delayed flights and trains).

One of the main aims of the meeting was to evaluated the feasability study and finalize the decisions about the protocol, recruitment, intervention, etc. for the randomized controlled trial (RCT). It was two very intens and productive days with a lot of decisions taken for the RCT.

Two main observation about the Danish people:

  • There is a lot of cyclist – Yes, Denmark holds the second place among the countries with the most cyclists.
  • Why are the young wearing these silly hats? Yes the hats are very silly and it’s a Danish tradition when students are graduating from High School 🙂

SDU wants to thank everyone for a pleasent meeting


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