The purpose of the logo was to give a visual representation of the core concept of the project, “sit less”.

Several drafts were developed originally with a schematic symbolism which would create a dynamic motion to illustrate the key concept of the project, the change of behavior from sedentary (sitting or lying) to active (standing or walking).

After the original logo concept was developed, a professional company was contacted with the draft idea. The final logo is displayed here below.

The narrative of the logo is briefly described here below:

The waves describe the change of behavior from sedentary to active in different stages. The different “waves” represents the different “stages” of a person who is originally highly sedentary and progressively becomes more aware of the need of changing behavior. The transition is “soft” and each wave represents a potential new “mental stage” of behavioral change. The subject gradually adopts new active habits which in turn supports permanent lifestyle changes. The waves are gentle as the SITLESS core concept is to “gently” support behavioral changes according to the older citizen personal goals. The colors illustrate the different stages beginning with the dark purple colors representing “negative habit” and ending up with the green color which symbolizes the final behavioral change.