Advisory Board

Each intervention site (SDU, QUB, FB-FSIE, UULM) will convene a local advisory board, including profiles such as: health service commissioners (mainly from primary care), public health practitioners, policy makers, physical activity specialists, members of the public (mainly older people from older people organizations).

Purpose of the local advisory board:

– To advice on the local implementation and cultural adaptation of the proposed intervention

– To raise awareness of the study among policy makers and boost its translational impact.

FB-FSIE:Advisory board - Barcelona2

Marius Cugat, FATEC (Federation of Older People’s Organizations in Catalonia),

Jesus Fortuño, Esports 3

Carlos Martin, Primary care physician from the IDIAP (Primary Care Research Organization)

Lucia Artazcoz, Public Health Agency of Barcelona

Gabriel Liesa, Physiotherapist Organization of Catalonia

Marta Navarro, Group on Older People, Primary Care Physicians Organization

Mercè Mas, Older People’s Council of Barcelona

Carmen Cabezas, Public Health Agency of Catalonia


Jenny Havn, Head of Dialogue and Prevention, Odense Municipality20151026_120302

Janus Laust Thomsen, Clinical Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Center for General Practice at Aalborg University

Tessa Lind Gjødensen, Head of Innovation, PhD, MPM, Centre for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital

Palle Vennekilde, Former Head of Older People Association (‘Ældre Sagen’), Department of Odense

Brita Thrane Vibæk, Head of Older People Association (‘Ældre Sagen’), Department of Odense

Lene Annette Norberg, MD, Social doctor, Odense Municipality

Christoffer Andersen, Exercise physiologist, PhD, Fit & Sund

Erik Fangel Poulsen, MD, Member of Older People Association (‘Senior House’), representative of the Osteoporosis organization

Flemming Sørensen, MD, Practice in Odense for 25 years as a MD, medical screening of all SITLESS participants

Preben Rasmussen, Association of Sports Clubs in Odense – (SIKO)

Marianne Andersen, Professor, MD, PhD, Odense University Hospital


Dürr, Christine, physician, Ulmer Citypraxis1st AB meeting 28.07.15 - Ulm2

Faul, Claudius, head of department education, social affairs & care for elderly, Ulm

Fissler, Patrick, scientific assistant, Institute of psychology and pedagogy

Marquard, Markus, M.A., director of ZAWIW, University Ulm

Stolz, Johannes, director of generation association

Yildiz, Ali-Efter, physician, Ulm

Barabeisch, Josef, head of department for youth & social affairs, county Alb-Donau

Eickmann, Ralf, representative of health insurance AOK, Ulm

Ruth-Klaiber, Heike, church counselor, Bethesda Geriatric Clinic

Steinacker, Jürgen, director of sport- & rehabilitation medicine, University Ulm

First Belfast Advisory Board Picture